Kolbe Product Lines

Kolbe offers 5 different product lines which each have their own unique characteristics and uses while all maintain the exceptional quality Kolbe is known for. Regardless of your inspiration there is a Kolbe product for you.

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The Forgent Series of windows is constructed of a proprietary Glastra material which yields exceptional durability and performance. This product was designed to be thoughtful and simple allowing it to fit your budget without sacrificing aesthetics and performance. The Forgent Series can be optioned with a wood interior leaving interior finishes and styling open ended to your needs.

VistaLuxe WD

Kolbe’s VistaLuxe WD product line offers clean slim lines with the industry leading frame-to-daylight-opening ratio. The large expanses of glass combined with the slim frames give a modern look while having the option for different interior styling. With limitless interior prefinishes, VistaLuxe WD can be finished in a dark colour to mimic steel or go a different route to maintain a warm organic wood feel. The aluminum exterior is available in over 50 standard colours for low maintenance and durability while the composite core of the window gives exceptional efficiency allowing for PHIUS verification.

VistaLuxe AL

The VisaLuxe AL product line offers a full range of thermally broken aluminum products. The all aluminum interior and exterior is available in 4 powder coat and 2 anodized finishes. The construction of this product allows for large expanses of glass with a modern look for stand alone projects or in conjunction with its complimentary products.


The Ultra Series of windows was designed by Kolbe with durability, versatility, and performance at the forefront where virtually any shape and design can be manufactured. This series can be used for modern or traditional styling with is wide range of exterior trim options. The exterior aluminum extrusion provides exceptional durability with over 50 standard colours while the wood interior can be styled in any pre finishes and different wood species. The enhanced construction of the ultra series allows for unique builds of oversized operating units while still being verified by PHIUS.


Kolbe’s Heritage Series is a full exterior and interior wood product providing the perfect solution for traditional homes and historic renovations. The numerous exterior moldings and divided lite options allow for historically accurate window aesthetics. With over 40 exterior factory finish colour options, limitless standard interior pre-finishes and a multitude of wood species the options for your Heritage products are endless.