Trim & Accessories

Exterior Trim & Brickmoulds
Kolbe offers an extensive array of exterior trims, brickmoulds and decorative accessories to execute your vision exactly as you imagined.

Interior Casing
Interior casing helps accent and define the windows you’ve chosen for your home. We offer standard casing in ranch or colonial styles. Casing is available in unfinished pine or oak, ready for painting or staining.

Specialty mouldings in pine, oak, or other wood species are available. Some limitations may apply, but your Kolbe Gallery Ontario dealer dealer can work with you to ensure that the style of your home is perfectly complemented by our interior casings.

Keystones & Pediment Heads
Add a classic touch to wood windows and doors with keystones and pediment heads. You may order these accessories unfinished, primed or prefinished to match your windows or doors.

Corner Blocks
Corner blocks can help create a traditional appearance or define a signature look in your home.

Kolbe can build corner blocks and rosettes in pine or oak in the style of your interior or exterior architecture.

options Trim glamour

Extruded aluminum trim can further enhance the interest of Ultra Series windows and doors. Many are designed to mimic the look of historic wood brickmoulds, while offering greater durability and longevity. Custom trim options may be requested for both wood and aluminum clad products.

ExtrTrim Brickmould