Whether you live in a mountainous region or on the coast, Kolbe has glass options to meet the energy efficiency standards in your climate. Find out more about the glass options we’ve created to meet structural, architectural and environmental challenges. 

Most Kolbe windows have glass with LoE coating, which reduces energy transfer through the insulating glass unit. LoE coated glass is designed to reflect indoor heat back into the room during winter and block 96% of the sun’s oppressive heat during the summer, cutting back on heating and cooling costs throughout the year. These glass units are filled with argon gas, which has a 30% lower thermal conductivity than air.

At Kolbe, we use double-pane insulating LoE2-270 glass as standard in the majority of our windows. In most cases, glass with LoE2-270 coating and argon gas meets ENERGY STAR qualifications in all United States climate zones. We also offer the option of lightly tinted LoE2-240 glass, which is recommended for warmer climates to reduce solar glare and achieve optimal solar control in sunny environments. LoE3-366 glass offers an ideal balance of solar control and high visibility by blocking 95% of UV rays while maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

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ThermaPlus™ LoE glass is specially designed to help meet the most stringent energy requirements with a specially applied coating that provides protection against heat loss and UV damage.

Triple Pane glass helps provide ultimate energy performance in windows. We construct triple pane windows with three panes of glass, argon gas, Thermo-Edge spacer bars, and the LoE coatings that best suit your climate’s needs.

Impact glass includes a laminated pane, and is built to withstand harsh environmental conditions in coastal regions. Combined with impact-certified products like our K-Force windows and doors, it provides the highest level of protection against the elements.

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Kolbe’s Mountain Air Energy Package is designed to meet extremely low U-Factors in high altitude regions where argon gas cannot be used due to pressure changes.

Kolbe offers custom tinted, colored or patterned glass for privacy as well as beveled, etched and other finely crafted glass to match your home’s style.

Laminated glass provides extra protection by preventing broken glass from causing injury. It can also increase safety and reduce sound transmission.

Neat® harnesses UV rays to loosen dirt so that it can wash away in the rain, reducing the need for cleaning. A special sputter-coating process helps water sheet off, which reduces water spots and helps maintain an ideal view.

Preserve protective film guards glass surfaces against scratches and debris during transit and construction.

These options are meant to provide an example of Kolbe’s capabilities. Contact your Kolbe Gallery Ontario dealer to learn about the options available in the products you choose.