Like so many home amenities your windows and doors are only as good as the installation.

Congratulations on your investment in Kolbe Gallery Ontario Window & Door products. You have carefully considered your options and made a conscious decision to purchase a true premium product for your home or project. Now we must consider how we are going to install these windows and doors into your build. Like so many things the quality of the finished product is only as good as the installation. If the unit is not properly sealed, not plumb, over or under foamed, or a multitude of other details you could be left with a subpar and unacceptable window turning your dream into a nightmare.

Kolbe Gallery Ontario has its own trained and factory certified team of expert installation technicians. Gallery Advantage Installation Services holds itself to the standards of Kolbe Gallery product and service offerings. Compromise nothing, explain everything, be accountable and responsible for all aspects of communication, and installation. We do this professionally and we do it well. We only work with our product and have seen and solved more installation challenges than anyone else you could consider doing the installation.

Complete Satisfaction

Kolbe Gallery difference, Ownership of Installation.

Process & Commitment 

Certified Installation

Adherence to All Building codes

Safety 1st with WSIB 

Kolbe Gallery Ontario handling its own product installation originated from the desire to look after the entire process. We realize that If our beautiful product is not installed properly it reflects poorly on us as the provider of the window or door. Whenever possible we try to not only provide the product but provide the installation and service as well. Please consider using our trained technicians for your next Kolbe Gallery Ontario project.